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Hi everyone,

It’s always necessary to establish some ground rules and guides in order to avoid any sort of problems before they happen. Please read these rules and guidelines and please keep them in mind when posting. We are committed to establish a modeling community where scale modelers from all around the world are welcome and feel comfortable discussing modeling subjects. With this in mind, SMA staff reserve the right to edit or delete any offensive posts without any explanations or notifications. It's natural to have different opinion on things, especially in larger group of people but that's in no way excuse to be rude or to try to make others to agree with you. Scale modeling is a hobby and not a matter of life or death, we expect civil and polite behavior, even if you disagree with someone.

These rules are subject to change as individual situations require, and of course, we'll notify you of any changes via this forum.


Posts or threads that are offensive include those that are meant to be insulting, threatening, or those which are obviously 'trolls'. These will be deleted by the SMA Staff at our discretion. Examples are: outright personal attacks, flame wars, posts that are 'intended' to incite or upset others, politics, religion and other topics considered not in the interests of our membership by the staff.

Whilst we all enjoy the SMA forums being polite and peaceful we do relish debates on a range of hot topics. We are committed to ensuring all members that are behaving reasonably and politely are able to offer their opinion. We are only ever likely to intervene when replies in those hot debates are no longer intelligent or well thought out and begin to attack an individual or company.

SMA is not the place for the denigration of model kits or the people/companies who made them. We have no issues with members offering a critique of any model kit or product. If members make the effort to ensure their criticism is dispassionate and factual it is far less likely to create complaints. Criticism is a good thing but works best on SMA when it is intended to be constructive and helpful.  We are committed to growing a healthy and creative modeling community.
If you simply want to complain or you feel you have a duty to warn others then SMA isn't the place. There are lots of websites where you can post whatever or however you like, SMA is simply not one of them.


SMA is all about modeling, therefore political posts or statements are not welcome here. Posts/Threads of a political nature are subject to deletion without any notice. Rules are very strict here - NO POLITICS!


Please note that SMA doesn't allow posting the same thread in multiple places on the forum. If this happens, the moderating team will delete all but the thread that has been posted in the most appropriate place.


To report an offensive post to the SMA Staff, please use the 'Report Post' link to advise the staff and outline to us why you found the post offensive. We ask that you be mature and resist the temptation to reply to posts that irritate you, again, it's natural that other people have very different opinion on things! If you do reply, it almost always makes things worse and gives the original poster the satisfaction of the reaction wanted in the first place. You can be reassured that your complaint will be considered with both an open mind and in the context of the entire SMA community. It also helps if you're not 'too' precious or quick to assume a malicious intent from another member. Even though this is the ' Forum rules' we're not the smile police and will not intervene if we consider members are being overly sensitive.


We detest to ever having to ban members and we only do it when we consider it is in the best interests of the SMA membership. We will ban if members ignore the directions of the SMA staff, threaten or harass other members either in posts or via Email and PM or in other serious cases which the staff consider are appropriate. We have the ability to ban members, both by username, IP address, or domain wildcards. Again, we hope to avoid using this feature, but in the best interests of the entire SMA community we will if we have to.


As a spam-prevention measure, all new members are subject to a short moderation period, during which their posts will need to be approved by a moderator. The moderation period is based on approved post count, and allows us to weed out the spammers before their posts even become public.
Please note that new members will not be able to post in 'Traders' part of the forum until the moderation period has been served. Posting sale ads or parts requests in other areas of the forums as a substitute is not acceptable, and these posts will NOT be approved.


If you have any questions regarding the forums, moderation, administration please contact any of the staff. 

We hope that everyone will enjoy the forums, and we remind you that continued participation in the forums is assured if you adhere to the basic rules of etiquette when posting a message, or replying to a post.

In the process of dealing with material or posts which are regarded as offensive, members are obliged to follow the directions of the staff. Lack of prompt action by a member will result in further active intervention by the staff and potentially a restriction of member privileges. Members are welcome to discuss the management of their material or posts with staff in a private fashion (i.e. via emails, PM's but not in the public forums) All staff decisions are final.

Again, if you have any questions regarding: the rules, technical questions and or problems please do not hesitate to contact any member of the moderating team for help or guidance. We'll point your question in the right direction to the appropriate member of the SMA Staff.


Once again, we are doing our best to make SMA forums civilized and pleasant place for all modelers to enjoy high quality content, discussions and company!


Happy Posting and thank you for making SMA better!

SMA team