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  1. happy 2016

    welcome Cesare and all the best in 2016! alek
  2. Hello From Wet Oregon!

    Welcome Ray! Alek
  3. Hello

    welcome Ron! alek
  4. Hello everyone!

    welcome! alek
  5. New to the forum

    welcome! alek
  6. Group Builds?

    yes we should, dirst suggestion was for bf-110s. you can post all suggestions here so we can agree on one. cheers, Alek
  7. Hello from SE Virginia

    Hello and welcome to SMA forums. Have fun! Alek
  8. Group Builds?

    Well, why not! Even if we have only 2 people building the same thing, its still a 'group' :-) so yes! We'll set up a group build section soon. Cheers, Alek
  9. Hi from the Great White North!

    Welcome! Alek
  10. Questiion

    Just go to your profile, upper left corner is 'Profile Photo' with a small photo icon, you click on that one and choose your avatar. Let me know should you need more help. Thanks, Alek
  11. Hello From South Texas

    Welcome to SMA forums tony! Have fun! Alek
  12. Hello from the sunny side of the Alps

    hi Sebastijan and welcom to SMA forums! See you on NG Cup next saturday! Alek
  13. FNG

    Welcome to SMA forums Shawn! Alek
  14. KittyHawk 1/32 T-6G Texan

    That's Kevin's model! ;-)
  15. New to the forums

    Hi Robert, Welcome to SMA forums! Once you start collecting 'a few' 1:32 aircraft you've already being infected with 'large scale' bug :-) Cheers, Alek