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  1. F15 canopy needed

    I need the complete canopy, including windscreen for Hasegawa's 1/48 F15C.
  2. Revell Spirit of St. Louis

  3. 1/32 IAF F-16 Barak

    Wow. Beautiful!
  4. Chickenhawk

    This is the bird Robert Mason, author of "Chickenhawk" flew in Vietnam in 1965-66. ]
  5. AM P-39Q

    Thanks! I look forward to seeing it.
  6. Revell 1/32 RF-4E Phantom

    Well done, I have a 1/72 I will do as Showtime 100, and a 1/48 that will be done in Israeli markings.
  7. AH-1G Cobra (Special Hobby, 1:72)

    Nice. I have the old Revell 1/32 kit in the works as Randy Zhan's mount, Cindy Ann.
  8. AM P-39Q

    My AM P-39Q in markings for Snook's 2nd.
  9. Hello from the sunny side of the Alps

  10. Hello From South Texas

  11. AH-1G Cobra (Special Hobby, 1:72)

    Sweet! What markings?
  12. FW Ta-152H-0, ZOUKEI-MURA, 1/32

  13. Avatars and signatures

    I figured out the avatar, but still do not see a way to add a signature to my posts.