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  1. Coming winter of 2015-16!

    Yeah it's a big job. But it should look great when I finally finish. I haven't had as much time as I've been wanting to work on this. January will be slow as I'll be traveling a lot for work.
  2. CF-104

    Kit? Nice metal finish!
  3. Love it! The wood is incredible! How'd you do that?
  4. 1/32 IAF F-16 Barak

    Wow! Details are amazing; how long did it take you to build? That's a lot of aftermarket!
  5. Hasegawa A-7 VA-97

    Very well done. Love the markings. Where are they from? Did you use kit missiles?
  6. Coming winter of 2015-16!

    Here's the progress I made this weekend. I'm using the 1:48 F/A-18A cockpit by Aires. It's a little gem, but it takes considerable adjustment and sanding to fit correctly. The effort is worth it. Also, modification must be done to the kit parts as well. The instrument coaming was removed, and the top of the nose landing gear bay was thinned just a little. It all fits well once the pieces are sanded and wedged in. There really isn't a step there, I just don't have the pieces secured enough with the tape for the photo. Ejection seat is next. Thanks! Aaron
  7. Group Builds?

    I agree. It would be more of a special interest to do one type of aircraft. I was just putting it out there that I will be doing this with some friends. If others want to join that would be great. But it doesn't need to be a group build per se.
  8. Group Builds?

    In January a couple friends and I will all be building Eduard's Bf 110E. Zerstörer group build?
  9. Coming winter of 2015-16!

    Aires cockpit arrived last night! Flying a trip today, but work will commence by this weekend. Stay tuned!
  10. No pics just yet; but I'll be building a 1:48 F/A-18A for my boss who flew the Hornet as a member of VFA-87 in Desert Storm. Any help or tips are appreciated! It's my first Hasegawa Hornet, and my first navy build in over 10 years. Aaron
  11. Hello from the sunny side of the Alps

    I'd like to join that Facebook group. I'll check it out!
  12. Eduard Fw 190A-6

    Nice choice!