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  1. A short review I did of the new and truly wonderful kit of MiG-31BM by AMK. Click on the photo!
  2. AH-1G Cobra (Special Hobby, 1:72)

    sorry for the wrong link
  3. AH-1G Cobra (Special Hobby, 1:72)

    Thanks, mate! She will be 'Thor's Hammer', 7th Squadron of 1st Cavalry - pilot Mel Hinton Here's another progress update Click on the photo for more [img width=1024 height=683]https://vvsmodelling.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/cobra-30.jpg
  4. Click on the photos for more photos and information
  5. Click on the photos for more photos
  6. Hi everyone! If you are following modelling forums or some Facebook modelling groups, then you've probably met me - at least in virtual space. My name is Sebastijan, 38 years old air traffic controller, infected with this styrene disease I cannot shake off. I am a moderator of Facebook group called Soviet / Russian Plastic Scale Modelling and used to write articles for Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine. Hope to meet the mods next Sunday at Novogodisnji Kup.