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Posting Images - How to

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Hi All,

This short tutorial will guide you trough the image posting process for SMA Forums. Our forum software is the latest version released by IPS Boards and uses new features and tools so some things may work slightly different here than on other forums using old version of IPS Forum software.

So the image uploads and posting is explained in 5 steps, pretty straight forward:


1. While in editor, click on blue button at the bottom right. Insert Image from URL...


2. Insert Image from URL window will pop up...


3. Go to your Photo Bucket album and choose an image. When image is loaded, you will have a couple of options on upper right side, choose DIRECT link. Left click on link field will automatically copy it to the clipboard... 


4. Paste image link...


5. Once you insert image to your post you can double click on it for more options like size, Link, etc...


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