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Tinting Clear Parts (Canopies, lenses, etc.) for realistic coatings.

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Many aircraft have coated canopies or lenses that seem pearlized or chromatic with a certain color hue when viewed from various angles. Many recent aircraft canopies have a gold tint. The HUD's have green or purple tints.

To replicate this on a model and keep the clear parts transparent, I found an artists pigment that works great.

Mix 1 part Jacquard Pearl EX # 674 Interference Gold and 9 parts future acrylic. Pearl EX is a extremely fine pigment.

Paint onto canopy. Creates a gold tint and a pearl hue from various angles. For F-16's, EA-6B's, F-22, and any others.

The interference is transparent and makes the canopy look coated instead of painted just like the real aircraft.

They have Green, Blue, Violet and Red.

Green or violet works great for HUD's.

Green works great for radar screens in the cockpit.

Purple or blue for coated lenses on tanks or ships.

Add violet to Tamiya Smoke X-19 and paint lenses on FLIR pods or IR heads on missiles.

Available at most arts and crafts stores.

More info and details at:


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